Polished stainless steel kitchen in this house with large stainless steel island & white cabinets

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Contemporary stainless steel kitchen.

Polished stainless steel forms the centerpiece of this contemporary kitchen – it includes a large island with an inverted pyramid tabletop. Trends senior writer Colleen Hawkes talks to designer Morgan Cronin about the design influences for this modern kitchen.

Challenging locations often inspire the most innovative design solutions, as this project illustrates. Kitchen designer Morgan Cronin of Cronin Kitchens says the highly contemporary house features angled walls and spaces that inspired the design response. “It is also a very large area, and it was clear that the new cabinetry needed to fill the space – it had to be of a similar scale,” Cronin says. “And it’s look needed to fit with the rest of the home, which has a very retro-futuristic architectural style.” The designer took his cue from a wall of highly polished stainless steel cabinet doors and mirrored open shelving that the owners had already commissioned. He designed a large stainless steel island, which follows the line of the angled walls. The doors have a highly polished mirror finish, while the benchtop has a classic finish that is resistant to scratching. “To reduce the apparent size of the large benchtop, we slightly elevated an inverted pyramid stainless table top at one end,” Cronin says. “The stainless steel table top is 70mm thick on the edges, which gives it a suitably solid form to anchor this end of the island.” Because the island needed to be the focus of the kitchen, Cronin specified unobtrusive white lacquered perimeter cabinetry with a white Corian benchtop. “It was important to have a minimal number of different colours and materials in the kitchen, to retain the sense of drama created by the island,” he says. “Even the commercial vinyl flooring is white. And we tiled one entire wall in white – this is a continuation of the splashback. The tiles help to bounce light around the kitchen.” An integrated refrigerator-freezer is positioned next to the wall ovens, while the pantry is on the side wall. The pantry doors open up to reveal a benchtop, allowing the owners to prepare snacks without intruding on the main kitchen. “There are two integrated refrigerator drawers within the island as well, so the kitchen is well equipped for entertaining. It also has a seamless link to an alfresco dining area.”

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