La Cité du Vin – The World's First Wine Theme Park

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All wine lovers dreams have come true – finally an adult theme park that is free of screaming children and full of the best vino from around the world.

La Cité du Vin, which translates to “The city of wine” is a full blown theme park in France.

Located in Bordeux, one of France’s most famous wine-making regions, La Cité du Vin will be opening its doors this week.

There will be no roller coasters at this theme park, but over 20 wine-themed sections, including tours, shows, workshops and exhibitions that cover the history and culture of wine.

Furthermore, there is a 250-seat auditorium for classes, screenings and wine-tasting sessions.

La Cité du Vin is housed in a stunning structure that has two restaurants on site. One offers dishes made from in-season regional produce, while the other has a staggering 800 different bottles of wine from around the world to choose from.

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