Hi-tech office interiors for Envision in Shanghai - designed by M Moser Associates

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Sleek aerodynamic shapes and a collaborative work environment characterise new offices for a global technology company Trends editorial director Paul Taylor looks M Moser's office design for Envision in Shanghai

Sleek, aerodynamic forms and a large, open floorplate create a free-flowing workplace for a company in the smart wind turbine business.

Today's office environments place more and more emphasis on collaboration as their guiding principle -- doing away with the idea of splitting up teams into their own compartmentalized areas and encouraging a cross fertilization of ideas instead.

When setting the brief for its new premises in Shanghai, Envision asked for a specific control room within the office for its engineers dealing with problems in the field.

It's a global technology company, specializing in wind turbine technology, and so the office also needed to operate around the clock.

But interior design firm M Moser Associates came up with a scheme that brought the engineers out into the open, so giving them better access to their support teams.

The design expanded so the entire space became the control centre, with a large display wall at one end.

Everyone can see this -- so the whole office can help resolve a problem that is projected onto the wall.

The concept of collaboration also influenced the way the office is organized.

Picking up on the physics of airstreams, M Moser has designed a space that allows freedom of movement through it and encourages the 75 staff members to work both individually and in team environments.

The hi-tech nature of the business is reflected in the sleek design of the workstations that have some of the characteristics of wind turbines.

But for me, what really stands out in this workspace is the huge, central conference table sitting on the key axis of the office.

It's directly in front of the giant wall screens, ideally placed for company video conferences.

And in keeping with the nature of the business, it has a strongly aerodynamic form which also extends to the bulkheads above and surrounding it.

Overall M Moser has created an interior design for Envision that's fully in tune with the company's business, while at the same time encouraging a much more inclusive and collaborative way for staff to interact.

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