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This loft condominium has multiple uses - corporate accommodation, meeting room and entertainment space. Trends editorial director Paul Taylor looks at how Interior designer Tom Stringer achieved all that.

Corporate entertaining is relaxed in this remodeled condominium, where a flexible design maximizes all the available space.

One of the key elements in today's homes is flexibility - both flexibility in design and flexibility in the way a space can be used.

This remodeled loft condominium is a good example of how that can pan out.

It's designed by interior designer Tom Stringer to be flexible in its use -- as an apartment for corporate guests ... a retreat for meetings ... and an entertainment space.

Stringer's design of the kitchen shows how you can create something that's cost-effective, without sacrificing good design.

The gloss finished cabinets come from Ikea and have been teamed with white quartz and recycled glass countertops ... metallic mirror glass tiles on the backsplash ... and stainless steel shelving.

Because the space is multiuse, the client wanted to be able to screen off the kitchen, yet not completely close it off.

Stringer's solution was the sheer drape that can be pulled across all or part of the island - muting the activity behind ...while still allowing light through.

Even the dining table contributes to the flexibility of the design. On a simple level, it also doubles as a meeting table -- video conferencing facilities are stored in the console below the television.

But when work is over, it converts to a pool table - using gas struts in the legs to easily raise and lower the top to the required height.

And the room now converts to an entertainment space.

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