Contemporary damage-resistant office buildings in Christchurch

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Shaken, not stirred - Contemporary, seismic resistant mixed-use precinct by Jasmax

Architect Richard Hayman discusses the project

In the three short years following New Zealand's most significant natural disaster, Christchurch architects have had to bring fresh focus to their designs. Expansive, versatile floorplates and energy efficiency are ever key drivers, but now resilience, social-mindedness and a quest to reanimate the city streetscape are also part of the new agenda. Three35, by Jasmax with architect Richard Hayman at the helm, comprises two, three-storey mixed-use office-and-retail blocks and a discreet highly automated carparking garage at the rear. "The vision for this job was to create a desirable office-and-mixed use precinct that responds well to, and enhances, its local context," says Hayman. "Lincoln Road is a main arterial route in and out of Addington, an area of flux both pre and post quake. "The precinct has a central, 100m-long street presence and a commanding corner position in this now emerging inner-city suburb. In response to the prime setting, the decision was made to challenge set back rules to create a higher quality street environment. This move would also free up a quarter of the site area for usable outdoor space."With this approved, we designed the precinct as two similar rectilinear office blocks, and pushed these to the front of the site. This arrangement allows the life of the building occupants -- whether offices or retail -- to engage with the street. The simple forms also result in large, flexible floorplates.

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