Award winning Poggenpohl kitchen with black backsplash makes the most of limited natural light

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How a kitchen was designed to work within existing fixed elements and limited natural light. Trends editorial director Paul Taylor looks at Poggenpohl’s winning entry in the Trends International Design Awards.

Modern kitchen design by Poggenpohl has black backsplash and green and pine cabinets.

A good designer doesn’t see the constraints a project might have as being a problem.

Instead, they’re just the springboard for some outside the square thinking.

The kitchen we’re looking at here had two main issues to resolve – it had to work within existing fixed elements and had limited natural light.

The kitchen area is actually dug into a hillside, so was potentially in quite a dark space, despite the existing skylights.

Instead of using pale tones to try and lighten the space, interior design consultant Lara Farmilo installed a black .. back-painted .. splashback … and extended it around the walls.

The effect is to reflect natural light through the space .. while at the same time complementing the pine and green cabinets.

The design uses Poggenpohl Segmento, which was tweaked to allow for an existing stairwell. Plus, one innovative approach that came out of the constraints ..was to put services and plumbing into the toekick.

Elevating and suspending the cabinet units under the cooktop gives the cooking area some prominence … while the tall units are set at different heights to accommodate differing ceiling levels above.

The overall design impressed the judges of the 2015 Trends International Design Awards so much that they named it the winner of the New Zealand Imported kitchen category.

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