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Every design needs to be liveable – storage included. Save money (and space) with these deals.

Access Group
For a new kitchen or kitchen renovation. Create space with kitchen cabinet fittings that provide innovative kitchen storage solutions and bring style to the interiors of your kitchen cupboards. Save time and aid workflow with a drawer organiser to turn clutter into order. Access Group also have a range of Kitchen Bins, Laundry Baskets, Drawer Systems, LED Lighting and Wardrobe Systems

Dream Doors
Dream Doors offers many innovative kitchen storage solutions including wire basket storage, timber kitchen products, worktop storage cabinets drawer systems, cutlery trays, drawer accessories, drawer inserts (in stainless steel), glass holders, pantry units and wine racks. We also offer a range of safety and storage products that do not compromise the design of today’s modern kitchen. The cook top area protectors keep children away from hot surfaces, while the under sink storage with lock, keeps dangerous cleaning agents out of reach.

Hideaway Bins
Innovative storeage solutions for your home. Suitable for use in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry. Visit your local showroom or give us a call to find out more about our products.

Home Plus
At HomePlus we understand that each New Zealand home is different, we celebrate these differences by custom making each of our products to fit your home and style requirements. HomePlus offer the following products - Awnings & Blinds, Ballustrades, Fences, Louvre Roofing and Wardrobes and Doors.