Lilli Bath 01

Conceptualised by Omvivo’s design team, the Lilli basin offering was originally designed to accompany Hecker Guthrie’s interior design for the prestigious Lilli Apartments in South Yarra.

Speaking about the Lilli bath design, Thomas Coward, Omvivo’s Design Collaborator on Lilli says “The thin lip drew inspiration from a flower bloom. It looks delicate, however offers a practical shelf or seat. It has been designed to accommodate rituals both in the bath and outside of it; we believe it is unique in that respect. I think it’s both modern and timeless, at the same time heroic and bold”.

Offering the sculptural matt finish of Omvivo’s solid surface material, the freestanding Lilli bath’s minimal lines and smooth curves are suggestive of a refined industrial aesthetic. Enhancing the bath’s appeal is its depth, which allows users to soak in ultimate relaxation.

The Lilli range can be customised through Omvivo’s unique soft skin option, which allows the bath’s exterior to be shaded in a tactile finish, offering a modern two-tone effect.

The Lilli bath delivers on Omvivo’s commitment to offering quality, innovative and sophisticated pieces for modern bathroom designs, and is now available and featured in Omvivo’s signature range.

Lilli bath and basin materials: Solid surface white with optional Softskin colours

Specialising in luxury contemporary bathware, Omvivo offers a collection of contemporary designer bathroom products, as well as custom designing and producing bathroom fittings and fixtures for discerning designers and developers.

The Omvivo design team is committed to creating innovative, sophisticated yet uncomplicated luxury for modern bathrooms. Omvivo’s Melbourne-based facilities with in-house design team and superior production resources are utilised to produce project specific designs to suit particular aesthetics or solutions for a vast array of styles and spaces, from apartment living to large family homes, premium hotels and unique commercial applications.

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