The Mirador House

Set high above the sea on a steep clifftop in Chile Lives The Mirador House. Designed by Gubbins Arquitecos, the edgy home offers the family living here views of striking rock faces, the sea and seagulls.

Here’s what the architects had to say: “We imagined the house project Mirador, elevated from the terrain, which allows us to see both the land and the sea at once.

Because of its location and architecture, the house can be seen from far away both from the field and from the coast, highlighting the main floor supported by a smaller base volume, showing symmetrical cantilevered areas.The architectural concept reflects the memory of three visits to the Villa Savoye in Paris designed by Le Corbusier”.

The complex layout with unlimited views of the landscape was the main idea for the design: “The Mirador house rises from the ground ascending to the main floor by a ramp, and is comprised of a large meeting space connected to two terraces that open to the sea and the countryside respectively on opposite sides, and two departments on both sides.

The center of the great space is a double height area through which sunlight enters during the morning and the evening, and through which you may exit via a spiral-staircase to the roof terrace from which dominates the entire area.”

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