The Myers home from 'Halloween'

Dedicated horror story fan Kenny Caperton has proven that imitation truly is the highest form of flattery.

Caperton and his wife have built their dream home which just so happens to be an exact replica of the residence made famous by the 1978 slasher film classic ‘Halloween’.

For horror story fans this home is instantly recognisable as the original home of sociopath killer Michael Myers. For Caperton and his wife – it couldn’t be a better fit.

The couple had the inspiration to build while visiting the original residence in South Pasadena. The landmark home sparked inspiration and immediately the idea was born.

While blueprints of the original home were unable to be found, Caperton documened the layout of the home in person and customised certain aspects to comply with modern day building codes.

They honoured the orignal home as accurately as possible, only adjusting minor features to create it a functionable living space. For those who aren’t aware of the horror story home, it simply looks like any other victorian residence.

Currently the home is open all year round for visitors who wish to tour the residence and make appointments on the homes website.

Photo credit – Kenny Caperton

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