Near-invisible free energy source – Monier SOLARtile

For New Zealand homeowners looking to embrace solar energy, there is finally a system available that offers all the benefits of solar technology but won’t negatively impact the overall look of the home.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Monier’s range of flat profile concrete roof tiles, Monier’s SOLARtile is a truly innovative, unobtrusive product that delivers a ‘green energy solution’ with clever design and aesthetic appeal at its core.

Unlike conventional bolt-on solar panels, Monier’s SOLARtile offers improved streetscape in a modular system providing design flexibility for modern architecture.

It’s the first product of its kind and is set to revolutionise the solar power industry.

The beauty of SOLARtile is that it can also be installed in any configuration including smaller roof sections to optimise energy production.

“With unprecedented growth in the New Zealand solar industry, interest in the SOLARtile has been remarkable from both home owners and builders alike,” explained Michael Walters, National Sales Manager for Monier.

“The New Zealand solar industry has been waiting for a product like this to become available for some time and it is certainly making an impact.”

The first SOLARtile home has recently been installed in Drury, South of Auckland by Platinum Homes.

Platinum Homes Counties Licensee David Watt was taken immediately by the look and benefits of SOLARtile.

“The SOLARtiles on the home we recently completed looked stunning and we were so impressed that we are now going to include them on our new Showhome.

“We can’t wait to open and show our clients the benefits that SOLARtile provides.”

Whether you have an existing home or you are building the home of your dreams, Monier SOLARtile could offer the solution for the future without compromising the overall look of the home.

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