Chindarsi Home 01

Chindarsi Architects designed this North Perth home. The placements of walls were thought out, to ensure the right balance of natural light and the perfect place to display the owners artwork.

This home was highly commended in the 2015 TIDA Home awards.

Architect Statement
Located in an area of North Perth predominantly developed in the 1920’s, the new home sits on a compact 207sqm sub-divided portion of the back-yard of a c.1928 transition Indian- Californian Bungalow.

Combining the industrial typology of the saw-tooth roof with the pitched roof forms of the surrounding streetscape, sculpted roof forms scoop in light and air, whilst providing northfacing roof area for harvesting solar energy. This dynamic roof-scape bridges between the existing single-storey bungalow on the corner and the two-storey infill townhouses to the south.

The scale and form of the house is broken down into three smaller sections providing intimacy and rhythm. These shard-like roof forms echo back to Deco-Era Expressionism, evident in the use of angled zig-zag and chevron patterns, which sought to break from the past and reflect a new modernity. Within the home, walls are thickened continuing this idea of the carving out of solid - flared window reveals and niches form inverted internalised expressions of the external shard roof forms, sculpting both natural and artificial light into the various spaces. The thickness serves to both store and display the idea of memory and ritual.

Careful consideration was given to the location of walls in relation to both natural and artificial lighting in order to display the Owners’ art. Openings have been positioned to exclude damaging direct sun wherever possible. High-level south-facing openings provide soft indirect light to filter down, and allow thermal-stack venting of hot air in summer. Decorative pendant lights were carefully chosen to enhance and accentuate various areas, either building on the fractal/geometric expression of the home, or in the case of the turned oak pendant in the cellar, referencing the process of wine-making. All but one of the pendants chosen was designed by an Australian, a conscious decision to support local talent.

The deco lead-light motifs in the original neighbouring bungalow, as well as pre-cast concrete porch panels fairly typical of the area, were used as a departure point for new laser-cut shadow and light screens positioned to articulate the entry porch, as well as in movable screens across the east-facing balcony.

The language of material used is expressed as a duality of heavy concrete, granite and facebrick ‘ground’ elements interlocking with the white/marble crystalline ‘figure’ elements, with timber and brass suspended between as tactile moments which develop the play on Deco.

Rainwater is collected via a 24,000L tank located under the garage, for use in toilet flushing, washing machine, garden taps, reticulation and pool top-up. A gas-boosted solar hot water system with circulating ring main minimises water and energy consumption. The house is self-sufficient for its power, with 5.86 kilowatts of solar photo-voltaic panels on the north and west facing roofs feeding electricity to battery back-up system at night. Uniquely, the project also incorporates Perth’s first domestic closed-loop geo-thermal heating/cooling system which uses the equivalent energy of a small conventional split system for the whole house. The sustainability initiatives integrated result in a certified NatHERS rating of 8.5 Stars.

Builder: Castleprime Construction

Kitchen designer: Chindarsi Architects

Kitchen manufacturer: Drage Furniture

Interior designer: Chindarsi Architects

Landscape: Design/ Installer Acanthus Green

Pool: Design / installer Dolphin Swimming Pools

Cladding: Type/brand Spotted Gum Tongue and Groove Timber Cladding, Sheet Metal Cladding Zincalume Finish

Roof: Type/brand Trimdek Metal Roof Sheeting, Zincalume Finish

Window/door joinery: Type/brand Casver Windows Aluminium Double Glazed profile MB70 System

Main flooring: Type/brand Concrete Ardex Pandomo Loft Topping

Tiles: Brand Brass Mosaic Tiling from Alloy Design, White Ceramic tiles from Original Ceramics, Stone tiling from Granite and Stone Gallery

Wallcoverings: Type/brand Allduro Uno Grigio polished plaster

Paint: Brand Dulux Wash and Wear interally, Dulux Acratex texture coat Externally

Heating: Geothermal air conditioning system, Water Furnace 7 15kW from Subthermal Solutions

Lighting: Lighting Options Australia, Inlite, Deltalight, Brightgreen, Luxxbox, Ross Gardam and Edward Linacre

Control systems (security/music/lighting): Brand Sonos Sound System, Watchdog Alarms and Electrical

Furniture: Design Farm, Living Edge, Ultimo Interiors and Click-On Furniture

Other: Versatile Concrete Tanks and Solar Backup Australia

Photographer’s name: Dion Robeson

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