Syros House 01

This holiday home on the beautiful island of Syros in the Aegean Sea, is inspired by the monolithic structures still found on the island and by primordial dwellings.

The home is known as Syros House and isn’t just one structure but actually a complex comprised of five buildings. It was designed by the Thessaloniki-based Katerina Tsigarida Architects studio for a Greek family residing in London.

The structures of the home are all orientated towards the sea and the axis of the courtyards all point to a small deserted island just beyond the shore.

This design decision connects the buildings to the landscape and ensures that the living spaces maximise on natural ventilation and lighting. It also ensures that the outdoor areas are protected from coastal winds.

The arrangements of the windows frame the gorgeous views, while providing privacy and optimising on the amount of natural light all year round. Traditional building methods and natural materials are used throughout: timber ceiling beams, locally sourced stone, sand and earth mixed with cement for the floors and terraces, and untreated lime plaster for the walls.

Simple furniture pieces, a blend of wood, stone and concrete complemented by aluminum accents create a refined yet rustic and warm ambience, making the Syros House a perfect home away from home.

Photography by Yiorgis Yerolymbos.

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