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The placement of the house took into consideration the local landscape, the sunlight exposure and the significant slope in the terrain.


Located just north of Portugal is the location of the Vila do Conde residence designed by Raulino Silva Architects.

The house makes the most of the local landscape, taking in maximum sunlight and working with the terrain.

The bedrooms and office exist on the top floor and each has access to a balcony facing west. Below is where the general living areas are found which open out onto the garden and swimming pool area.

The internal areas of the home are covered with a pine floor, except for the grandeur style bathrooms, which are covered in Grecian marble.

The exterior of the house is covered in a white marble baseboard. The outdoor pavementin the garage is made out of black concrete while the swimming pool area is surrounded by a pine-wood grey coloured deck in the swimming pool area.

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