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U-shape provides privacy

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This home home has a quiet street presence, but resembles a garden-like oasis once entered


By Aidlin Darling Design

Designed as a sanctuary for a writer and his family, the Mill Valley Residence by Aidlin Darling Design is an AIA award-winning home
The client wanted a home that would exude a quiet street presence, but resemble a garden-like oasis once entered. In addition, as collectors of modern art, the clients wanted to merge the spirit of an urban industrial artist’s studio with the comfort of a rural home.
The u-shaped design of the home provides fantastic privacy for and from the neighbours to the North, East and West, while the southern face opens up to dramatic views of the Californian valley and forest hillside. Issues of conservation and sustainability were an integral part of the design process.
Multiple areas of sustainable practices were considered, including renewable energy, passive cooling, conservation, building life cycle and siting.

An industrial language of steel and corrugated siding reconnects the home to the land's historic agricultural roots.

The design of the home results in an architecture of material simplicity, that focuses on space, texture, and natural light. The ultimate goal is a home that lives effortlessly while unifying an experience of art and nature.

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