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The World's Tallest Observation Tower

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The new vertical pier known as British Airways i360 has just opened to the public


The United Kingdom has a successor to the iconic London Eye, only this time it is located in the seaside town of Brighton.

The 162-meter British Airways i360, which opened to the public on August 4, is the world's tallest moving observation tower.

The tower has also broken the Guinness World Record for the world’s slimmest tower thanks to a diameter of 3.9 meters and a height-to-width ratio of over 40:1.

Visitors enter the futuristic glass-and-steel pod and slowly elivate to 138 meters in the air, an experience akin to floating in the air given the 360-degree views out as you walk around the cabin.

Conceived and designed by London firm Marks Barfield Architects, the designers behind the London Eye, it brings together the same team of engineers and manufacturers who worked on the famous wheel.

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