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The Ten Oaks Farm Pond House

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Holly and Smith Architects present a home on a pond, ducks and all.


The Pond House is a tranquil retreat on the Ten Oaks farm in Louisiana, USA.

Designed by architectural firm Holly And Smith Architects the project was completed in 2015.

Here's what the architects said: "The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm is a 1,250 square foot, net zero energy retreat located on a 15.5 acre site in Southeast Louisiana.

The three-story structure sits over the edge of a pond and overlooks a peninsula of ten oak trees that stretch out into the middle of the pond.

The Pond House features an outdoor area on the first floor including a fireplace and outdoor kitchen.

The second level houses a living room, kitchen, and dining room that are completely open with panoramic views to the surrounding landscape, and a master suite with an outdoor terrace on the third level overlooks the property.

A single-sloping roof sheds rainwater into the pond while also allowing maximum sun exposure for solar panels."

Photography: Marc Lamkin

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