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The Sherman Oaks House

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This home remodel by MGS Architecture took a dark 1970s home and turned it into a contemporary living art gallery


This remodel transformed a dark, dated and deteriorated 1970s house into a light, airy and contemporary home for a client wanting to display a growing art collection.

The new home has 24-foot wide frameless glass doors on the north facing wall which offer views over the pool to the San Fernando Valley below.

The doors disappear into closets set in the wall and open the great room to the patio, creating one continuous indoor-outdoor space.

Two bedrooms are enlarged with added clerestory windows. The floor plan was redesigned to facilitate clear circulation, flow, openness, and always spectacular views of the city. The floor contains electric radiant heating which helps when the 24-foot doors are open.

The entry to the house was completely rethought with the addition of a polycarbonate and aluminum canopy which is perforated with holes to allow light to filter down.

The color of the filtered light is blue and evolves throughout the day as sun tracks across the sky. The asymmetry of the canopy forces a false perspective on the viewer, making the entry seem further removed from the street.

The remodeled baths add luxuriance and sophistication. The exterior landscaping becomes part of the bath experience.

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