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Fairview window systems create an efficient, aesthetically pleasing environment on the Unimed project


Unimed Project – Commercial

165 Gloucester Street, Christchurch – product by Fairview Systems, work by Canterbury Aluminium.

This building consists of a mixture of frames, 100,125 and 150mm seismic frames and 40mm architectural.

All joinery is Mist Black Anodised and features frameless glass doors at the entry points.

Visually this building is impressive with the joinery to the stairways spanning 14 metres up to Fairview’s glazed roof light above.

The front façade is four storeys high with our joinery spanning 3.8 x 21 metres on each floor.

All glazing is N70 Climaguard Low E, which provides a nice blue-green tinge to view through.

This site presented some challenges with space and time constraints for crane work being in the CBD.

All the hard work was worth it in the end and Canterbury Aluminium is proud of this project.

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