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This home, designed by Architects LDL fits the client brief perfectly.


This home was highly commended in the 2015 TIDA Home Awards.

The clients bought the section 20 years ago and lived in a small house at the top of the site. Most of the section was tricky to navigate however, the garden ran wild, but the lower land had some beautiful feature trees. A creek used to flow across the bottom of the section, which the clients loved, but ironically when the Council piped the creek, the upside allowed them to build their dream home, with thorough planning given to securing private view shafts for the clients and their neighbours, as well as retaining the prized feature trees. Colour is as dramatic as form in this design, with a neutral palette giving way to bursts of intense shades throughout. Bands of Mondrian-like intensity cover louvres and appear in cove lighting, and depending on the light, reflect soft tonal washes throughout – washes of colour inspired by the precious droplets of water at the bottom of the property.

The client wanted to create an eco friendly home that honoured the natural landscape, especially the creek that used to flow past the property. They wanted the house to be semi open plan, with some private spaces, and the flexibility to use as a family home or a studio.

The completed concept refers to the watercourse and is manifested through the homes form, materials, details and colours. A new driveway and bridge were constructed to access the home. Tanks and plumbing were incorporated to harvest rainwater and recycle grey water. Inside the house, the layout of levels, rooms and entry points enabled the change of house activities.

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