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The folding Concepta 25 brings design freedom

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Partitioning utility spaces is easy with the last innovation from Häfele


For some time now, the architectural trend has been away from small rooms towards large, open-plan spaces with areas partitioned for multifunctional use.

Now an innovative Häfale hardware system meets these demands by operating across the entire width of a space: this is the new Hawa-Folding Concepta 25.

This system is comprised of two bi-fold doors that slide into a side niche, enabling entire cabinet widths of up to 2800 mm to disappear flush with the side of the wall in a single smooth movement.

Creative design options are literally wide open with the Concepta 25.

It is ideally suited to creating every situation from an office recess in the guest bedroom to a utility room in the bathroom or a kitchen in the living room.

The innovative system is extremely spatially economic: the slide-in loss is a mere 73 mm, the recess width only 110 mm, and you even gain more freedom of movement in the room as the doors are parked away flush inside the cabinet body or recess when the front is open.

Hawa’s high-quality scissor technology guarantees that doors move easily and quietly without ever jamming.

The Hawa is understated, too. The gap pattern is as unobtrusive as the doors are quiet.

Especially as the flush, uniform front design for a cabinet or kitchen front is also possible in combination with Hawa-Concepta 25/30/50 or with hinged doors.

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