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This building in Beirut is made from levels of unconventionally stacked floors


Designed by architectural firm 'Orange Architects' this building is known as The Cube.

Located is a visible location in Beirut, Lebanon, the 50-metre high tower is a simple yet striking building that is comprised of 14 unconventionally stacked floors.

Making optimal use of the client's wishes and the site's potential, here's what the architects had to say:

“The Cube is presenting a whole new level to the concept of high rise, or the architecture of towers. No extrusion of a singular floor plan, but a unique and iconic sculpture of individual villas, all with perfect views on the centre of Beirut.

Each level consists of one or two apartments. The single apartments have the fabulous opportunity to enjoy Beirut from a 360 panorama.

The rotation of the volumes on each level offers residents magnificent outdoor areas on the roof of the apartment below, as well as panoramic windows up to 12 meters wide.”

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