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The Convoy Family by Häfele

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Some storage systems are so efficient, that they seem to respond to your needs intuitively – another winner from Hafele


The Convoy Family by Häfele – Pull Out Pantry Solutions CONVOY by Häfele is a family of seriously stylish cabinets, guaranteed to become one of the favourite features of any home. But it’s what you don’t see that makes it really special.

Thanks to individual height adjustment, CONVOY offers optimum utilisation of available space, perfect visibility and easy access.

This is a central larder pull-out that no kitchen should be without - just like no kitchen can be without a fridge to store fresh food, the CONVOY is for dry food supplies.

The trays are accessible from both sides and easy to see, so that groceries can be stored with their contents always visible at a glance.

The trays of the CONVOY are simply clicked onto the single pipe supporting frame in one point, giving them a floating appearance.

A particular advantage of the CONVOY is that the height of all trays can be simply and quickly adjusted without the use of tools. The trays can thus be spaced at exactly the right distance apart for the relevant stored goods and the available storage space used to its full capacity.


CONVOY Centro does away with conventional frame structures, instead using a pioneering single-tube frame to position smooth floating trays that glide out effortlessly to reveal what’s inside.

The free-floating shelves do away with conventional frame structures. In fact, the new top guide design means that the innovative single-tube frame is not restricted to particular heights. This provides more options with fewer variants.


Single-tube support frame and “floating” trays

Frame concealed behind the front panel

Absolutely smooth action

Damped closing and opening (world first)

Noiseless opening and closing

Change tray height steplessly and easily

Transparent galleries

Full overview of everything inside

Side gallery can be removed


Extremely flexible and elegant, CONVOY Lavido illustrates just how versatile the CONVOY system can be. Because it is compatible with any front panel, CONVOY Lavido is the ideal storage solution for all kinds of layouts, e.g. even behind sliding doors.


Storage solution for different front options and applications

Can be combined with sliding doors, etc.

Access and transparency from three sides


The CONVOY Premio creates an emotional connection when you open or close it: The products slide out of the cupboard, moving directly towards you so that you can access them from three sides.

With CONVOY Premio stocking up on food becomes a real adventure.


Emotional opening experience – trays glide out automatically as the door opens

Absolutely smooth action – even when fully loaded

Ideal for wide cabinets

Access and transparency from three sides

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