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Tanova Laundry Pull Outs with Plastic Hampers

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The convenience of lightweight plastic is now incorporated into Tanova’s pull out laundry system range.


As always with Tanova, this plastic hamper laundry range is designed for quick and easy installation and efficient everyday use. The new Tanova plastic range comprises 7 new models that use a lightweight 40L plastic hamper. There are both Deluxe and Simplex pull out options, on which soft close feature is standard.

Deluxe models carry a 60kg load, while Simplex models carry a 45kg load.

There’s also a base mounted, drawer fitted option that provides a frame and basket to fit most standard existing drawers.

This range uses runners that extend well past usual bench overhangs so that basket removal is effortless. The 40L basket, with ergonomic comfortable carry handles built in, is vented for breathability and airflow, designed to trap excess moisture (no more dripping into your cabinetry) and comes with a lid.

An optional framework top cover can be ordered separately for some models, creating extra storage space above the basket if you install the unit lower. For other units, the coverless frame makes them ideal for installation under a laundry chute.

Your cabinet width will be a primary factor in your model selection. There are Simplex options for 300mm and 450mm cabinets in Tanova’s plastic hamper laundry range, and Deluxe options for 400mm and 600mm cabinets. The drawer fitted frame and hamper option for existing drawers suits 300mm cabinets.

Click here to see more about the Tanova Deluxe Laundry range, including options with plastic hampers. And for the Tanova Simplex options, click here.


Deluxe pull out laundry units with plastic baskets are available for 600mm, 450mm, 400mm and 350mm cabinets, with either 1 or 2 40L plastic hampers depending on the model.

This photo shows the 2x40L plastic hamper 600mm cabinet unit.

White frame with white/blue basket options or two white baskets. Soft close.
Fully integrated slides with cushioning system for consistently quiet soft closing
Super smooth running drawer slides for effortless opening and closing
Full extension past any normal bench overhang, allowing for effortless removal of hampers
Heavy duty 60kg carrying capacity
Very quick and easy installation for modular cabinets
Designed for 600mm cabinet size (external width using 16mm board)
Standard drawer front with gallery rails allows for 6-way adjustment
Intelligent hamper design with a liquid containment inclusion to protect cabinets from dripping laundry
Durable lightweight hamper with sturdy built in handles for easy carriage between bathroom, wardrobe, laundry and clothesline.
Basket: PP plastic, 2x40L capacity, comes with lid, ergonomic moulded handles for comfortable carrying and easy removal, airvented on sides for breathability and airflow, solid bottom prevents drips into cabinetry

Optional strong, easy clean cover which can be used as storage shelf if mounted lower in cabinet

Click here for more info.

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