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Studio Urbo Apartment Renovation

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Studio Urbo redesigned this apartment, and maximized the potential of the space.


Studio Urbo redesigned this apartment, and maximized the potential of the space.

This renovation was highly commended in the 2015 TIDA Home awards.

The original building was established in the nineteen thirties. The apartment didn’t exist initially, and was built during a major reconstruction of the building later on. The apartment occupied the space under the building rood. The reconstruction failed to utilize the available space.

The renovation of this apartment left the client pleased. The renovation involved a total redesign of the layout; the living room was extended into the balcony, creating a bay window, and moving the kitchen into the living room. Underfloor radial heating was installed, as well as a gas fire, which was combined with the TV area.

Custom cupboards, and a movable island bench were installed in the kitchen, and the designers created storage space in the corridor. The renovation also included soundproofing, modern finishes, and the creation of a new dormer window to increase bedroom space and height. The client was pleased with the final result of the renovation.

Builder: Capital Building

Kitchen designer: Studio Urbo

Kitchen manufacturer: Capital Building

Interior designer: Studio Urbo

Roof: Type/brand COLORBOND

Window/door joinery: Type/brand AWS

Tiles: Brand Winchester Artisan

Paint: Brand DULUX

Heating: Jetmaster gas fire place

Other: Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms

Photographer’s name: Paul Worsley

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