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Stanley Street Sophistication

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Haydn + Rollett saw potential in being involved in another A-Grade project-managed build.


Stanley Street is located in a noisy, busy area that sees heavy traffic daily. Being in the midst of a well-populated area makes such a site particularly attractive due to 
its visibility and proximity to the city.

Seeing the potential, Haydn & Rollett 
were involved in a project-managed 
build; to design, construct and lease back 
an A-Grade office building for this key site.

A by-negotiation tender process allowed Haydn & Rollett to prove their tender which was not only market tested but, having had oversight of the early design process, extremely competitive with a lowered risk profile for the client.

As part of the process, it was also agreed that Haydn & Rollett would manage and work collaboratively with the contracted designers, Warren & Mahoney Architects.

The construction of the $16 million, four-storey building with 7,200m2 of commercial office space to a Green Star rating of 4
 was not without its challenges.

Particular attention was paid to the acoustic design and treatment due to the proximity of rail and motorway traffic. The Haydn & Rollett team worked closely with Marshall Day acoustics to bring expert advice into the design process early on.

Similarly, with some complex site conditions involving pooling ground water, Haydn & Rollett worked with an experienced piling contractor alongside Haydn & Rollett project manager Richard Powell, who has an extensive background in civil engineering, to resolve the ground- foundation issues and share the risk profile.

The reward of Haydn & Rollett’s commitment to working closely with consultants and contractors saw significant programme gains leading to an early finish and a quality addition to Stanley Street.

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