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Stand Out Home In Long Bay

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Architect Gary Lawson says the brief from Jalcon Homes demanded a home that would stand out from the crowd.


Architect Gary Lawson says the brief from Jalcon Homes demanded a home that would stand out from the crowd.

"The four-bedroom house not only needed to look great, it also needed to make the most of the sun and the aspect of the site," he says.

"In terms of street appeal, a large, simple gable roof form gives the home an elegant simplicity. The white-painted bagged brick exterior and cedar timber detailing further enhance the calm, yet sculptural look."

Lawson says the gabled roof provides interesting ceiling shapes on the interior, with a double-height entry void and stairs adding drama and intrigue right through the centre of the home.

"To avoid views to and from the neighbouring houses, we have concentrated the living areas to the front and back of the home. We also added skylights to provide plenty of natural light."

Andrew Olsen of Jalcon Homes says complete customisation has always set the business apart.

"The company does not have a range of standard plans. Instead, every project is designed to meet the specific site, budget and lifestyle requirements, whether it be a single family home or a group of modern townhouses for a developer.

"For this home, we wanted to provide a rich urban tapestry within a suburban landscape. The numerous features that set the home apart, including the bagged brick exterior, the cedar louvres and dramatic entry void, all help to create a very appealing family home that's well suited to modern living."

Jalcon Homes has its own interior design consultancy, Duo Design, which worked on the interior of the show home. Designer Julie Cooper says she was influenced by the coastal location, choosing to create a Scandinavian-style interior.

"It seemed appropriate to give the home a relaxed, beach feel," she says. "So the interior is very light and airy. The floors, in Oak Polar White, have a washed, beachy look, and furnishings also feature pale timber. However, we warmed the interior with Laminex Designed Timber Veneer Allure Ash cabinetry. And the sculptural balustrading features Tasmanian oak stained in the colour Kauri."

Olsen says Jalcon Homes has designed and built many homes on small and tricky city sites. Some of these replace older homes that are long past their use-by date.

"Replacing an older home on the same site brings enormous benefits, in addition to being able to stay in a neighbourhood you love," he says. "Older homes are often built the wrong way round for the sun and invariably poorly insulated. They don't cater well to modern living, and there can be unseen costs when you renovate that can blow the budget. None of these things apply to a new home.

"We ensure every home is designed to maximise the sun and views, and provide privacy where it matters. We also create attractive outdoor living areas, which are so much a part of the way we live today."

Builder: Jalcon Homes

Kitchen designer: Jalcon Interiors /

Interior designer: Jalcon Interiors

Landscape: Design/ Installer Cornerstone Landscapes

Cladding: Type/brand Baged Brick & Weatherboard

Roof: Type/brand Eurotray

Photographer’s name: Trends Photographer

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