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Fletcher Windows and Doors does it again – a product that offers direct benefit


Here, Dave Burggraaf, Fletcher Window & Door Systems’ product development manager, answers some questions about the newly released Smartfit window system.

Why was the Smartfit system developed?

Dave Burggraaf: “Smartfit was developed to take the complexity and risk out of window installations. Recent changes to the building code introduced additional layers of complexity regarding window openings.

“While these extra layers were good in principle, the more complexity there is, the harder it is to get it right, making window installation a complex and arduous process.

“Smartfit strips out all the onsite complexity, bringing that extra fiddly work back to the factory where everything is fitted to the window itself in a controlled production environment.”

Which solutions is the system suitable for?

DB: “Smartfit won’t suit all types of buildings and claddings but it is aimed at the mainstream and has this well covered.

“Any construction that is light timber framed or steel framed, with or without a rigid air barrier, and has a cavity cladding system is suitable for Smartfit.”

How will this system change
the market?

DB: “Smartfit, quite simply, is New Zealand’s fastest way to install windows.

“Smartfit will simplify and speed up the way we install windows and achieve weather-tightness around them.

“The window is a complete system with every element integrated into it.”

When will it be available to specify?

DB: “Smartfit is available now.”

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