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Raising Standards for Glass Balustrades

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Euroglass and Viridian Glass Provide Clear Options for Glass Balustrades


As technology advances and glazing techniques are refined, the New Zealand building code and relevant standards are constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure that the building industry is constructing the safest and best-quality homes and buildings for New Zealander’s.

Euroglass and Viridian Glass are now able to offer a range of balustrade systems with different glass types and various attachments to meet a wide range of homeowners, architects and council safety requirements.

Euroglass and Viridian's balustrade systems are designed and tested to meet this new standard which we have classified as Safe, Safer and Safest.

Our Safest option uses Viridian Toughened Safety Glass with a Sentryglas Interlayer which needs no additional hardware. This option gives you that true, pure clean and clear Euroglass frameless glass barrier.

Read the Safe, Safer, Safest Brochure here

We have also extensively tested these solutions and included our Viridian Sentryglas test video below.

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