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This New South Wales renovation by Prineas Architects, was highly commended in the 2015 TIDA Home awards.


This New South Wales renovation by Prineas Architects, was highly commended in the 2015 TIDA Home awards.

Architects Statement

This project is a modest one that taps into the larger thinking of our office. The rich possibilities of screening were explored but we married this back to an obvious Australian icon with the breeze
block. The garden courtyard that is created is different to the traditional garden of the suburban
quarter acre block.

Composition of the new and old were considered together. New garden room spaces are considered as volumes so they are rooms rather than having a clear distinction between inside and out. One room is connected to the family/ living space, the other to the private main bedroom. Both share a room view of the garden. The original house was anchored so we created something anchored and connected to the garden, while still having a lightness and transparency that transcends the material solidity. The breeze block is a structural unit in itself and was used in a direct and simple way. Connection to the outdoor area and the ability to have rooms that are open to the sky adds a different dimension to living in the house.

The larger scale of the garden is drawn into the smaller rooms of the house. In an email from the Client: “Yesterday John woke up he said: "I love looking at those green plants in the morning" … He used to shut all the blinds every night but now he leaves that panel open so he can see out there 1st thing every day. “

The outdoor rooms created have a contemporary language but this is realised in a familiar masonry unit that has memories for the 50s vernacular language of the original house. The breeze block has additional dimensions of screening and privacy and connection to the sky that the original house never had.

Two rooms added through the addition of these two garden rooms to the north. The idea of the Australian veranda is rethought and reconsidered for the specific condition of this house. The clients loved the house when they bought it but wanted more cohesion in planning internally and a better connection to the garden. They wanted to inhabit in the outdoor spaces including cooking there. Functionally, the living spaces are now open plan, there is ample storage and natural light has been maximised – all while retaining the envelope of the existing house.

Builder: Focusbuild - Wayd Munro

Kitchen designer: Architect Prineas

Kitchen manufacturer: Artek Kitchens

Interior designer: Architect Prineas

Landscape: Design/ Installer Custom Creations

Cladding: Type/brand Besser Blocks - Besser Block Centre

Roof: Type/brand Colorbond-Custom Orb

Window/door joinery: Type/brand Original Windows / Skyrange Doors-Steel Doors

Main flooring: Type/brand Mixed Hardwood Recycled Timber Floor

Tiles: Brand Academy Tiles -Floor / Classic Ceramics -Walls

Wallcoverings: Type/brand Paint/Vivid White

Paint: Brand DULUX

Heating: Gas Fireplace / Jetmaster

Lighting: Great Dane/Spinning Light/Black

Furniture: Trappestigen Stepladder/Great Dane, Hans Wegner Plank

Chairs/Great Dane, Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair/VAMPT,

Noguicchi Coffee Table/Vintage, Tio Dining

Table/Spencer+Lyda, Tolix Chair/Thornet, Cowskin/Lucknow Skin Shop

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