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Phoenix Property Investors Announces 'The Master Collection'

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Five of the world’s most celebrated architects design 28 premium private houses


Phoenix Property Investors has unveiled The Master Collection, the Company’s latest premium residential development in Taipei’s prestigious Great Taipei New Town district.

Phoenix collaborated with preeminent leaders in the design field for this development, including architects Richard Meier, Jim Olson, Annabelle Selldorf, Steven Harris and Calvin Tsao (from Tsao & McKown).

Celebrated for their innovation and individual visions, all five architects are included in Architectural Digest’s 2016 list of the world’s Top 100 thought leaders and design influencers.

Surrounded by verdant hills and open spaces, the 28 luxurious houses enjoy easy access to the centre of Taipei City and are seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape.

Offering uncommon privacy and the security of a gated community, each house boasts a private swimming pool and individual garden. Ranging from an expansive 6,372 sq ft to a deluxe 13,718 sq ft, each home within The Master Collection is an inspired architectural masterpiece.

This rare collection of exceptional houses is the result of ongoing, open collaborations, and demonstrates Phoenix’s commitment to excellence. Each architect visited the mountain location and was inspired by the landscape, natural environment and local culture.

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