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New Smeg induction cooktops

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Check out the special features of the new Smeg induction cooktops


Smeg has a new induction cooktop collection with a wealth of special features and new graphics.

An automatic boiling function lets you know when water is at boiling temperature, providing time and energy savings of up to 30%. The simmer function prevents boil-over and ensures food won’t stick to the bottom of the pan. And the melting function is ideal for slow melting delicate foods, such as chocolate and butter.

Several models also feature a new Multizone, which lets you put pots or pans down anywhere within the zone.

Other features include new intuitive slider controls, a pause function, and a ECO-Logic system, which sets a maximum power absorption system for further energy savings.

Because heat is generated directly in the pot or pan by an alternating current, an induction cooktop is faster and more energy efficient than a conventional cooktop. It also offers precise temperature control and the cooktop surface remains cool, making it safe to touch and simple to clean.

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