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Mid-Century Lakefront Apartment

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Light plays a major role in this two-bedroom modern high-rise facing the north side of the Chicago Skyline


Light plays a major role in this two-bedroom, glass-walled mid-century modern high-rise by Stephan Jones. The accessories found in the 1400 sq-ft space serve as conversation pieces that hint at the travels on which they were collected, before finally finding a home in this modernist’s haven.

The apartment marks a milestone for interior designer Stephan Jones, as the starting point for his company, Stephan Interiors Design, and reflects a mixture of his own design style and and that of his past company alongside Chicago design mogul, Bruce Gregga.

The renovation allowed Jones to push his boundaries. While taking the craftsmanship and experience from working with Gregga, he incorporates bolder pops of color mixed with eclectic pieces, all while maintaining poise and elegance.

“I wanted to be less structured, and to employ decorative furniture more freely,” he says.

The living room is a prime example of his new design outlook, with a playful round bone inlay table, an exotic tobacco and camel striped area rug, and a green-overlay painting, which serves as the focal point of the room.

To the east is a beautifully placed salt glazed double gourd lamp atop a vintage credenza contrasting with innovative sea grass wall-covering. The finishing touches are two of Jones’ own creations: a misty oil-on-teal burlap collage painting, and sculptural hands.

The library depicts Jones’ structured past with the use of muted hues, and perfectly lined paintings (also collections from travel), grey lounge chairs, and subtle hints of African motifs. The juxtaposition between the midnight-shade paisley print throws and the use of organic décor (flowers, melons) bring out a whimsical, earthy feel to the room.

The dining room – the most north-facing out of all the rooms – captures the most light and stays true to the minimal, elegant aesthetic. The custom made white oak table, paired with lively bamboo armchairs give a certain Palm beach air in this attractive eatery.

Project Name: Chicago

Location: Lakeshore Drive Chicago, Illinois

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Inspiration: Minimal Elegance

Main Colors: Bold & Sturdy

Size: 1,400 square-foot-space

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