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A light Kaleidoscope created by designer Kaz Shirane


Japanese Artist Kaz Shirane has dazzled people at Vivid Sydney 2015 with his life sized kaleidoscope named 'Light Origami'.

Shirane's use of colour and light come from his interest in psychological illusions which meant for Light Origami he wanted to create an environment that uses reflections to stimulate the mind. He compares the spaces structural layout to that seen in origami.

The design is contructed from 320 polished aluminium panels with different light tones shone into the space at a time. As you make your way around the structure the reflections shift and alter as if you were moving a kaleidoscope in your hands.

"My primary research interest is developing spaces that produce healing mental richness through mirrors, lights, and computational design," Shirane says, noting that the speed and stress of daily life are taking their toll on people.

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