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Kitchen Design brochure by Häfele

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The Häfele Kitchen Design brochure profiles the latest clever storage systems from leading German manufacturer Kesseböhmer.


The simplest things can sometimes be the most extraordinary. Nature provides numerous examples of such efficiencies.

Now German manufacturer Kesseböhmer has taken a leaf from nature in its strive to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. This can be seen in the latest clever storage ideas showcased in the Kitchen Design brochure from Häfele New Zealand. The brochure is full of design inspiration and product information.

From the elegance and functionality of LeMans to the space-saving style of Tandem, Kesseböhmer turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens ideally equipped for modern lifestyles and multi-tasking. Kesseböhmer systems incorporate many innovative features, such as non-slip surfaces, transparent storage and smooth handling. And they ensure everything is within reach.

Häfele has been operating worldwide for 90 years, with 25 years of local knowledge. The company continues to bring the world of German innovation to kitchens in New Zealand, believing that beautiful design is only the beginning; it’s what’s inside that counts.

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