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Key Trends for New Houses in 2014

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Smaller homes, brighter interiors and customised kitchens were key trends for new houses in 2014, says Generation Homes.


3. Customised kitchens
Generation Homes customers were most concerned with the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Walk-in pantries, vinyl wood planking, white cabinetry and neutral palettes were key kitchen trends in 2014.

People are opting for a contemporary look in their kitchens and moving away from more traditional materials, says Designer Sales Manager at Heirloom Kitchens, Tracey Smith.

Engineered stone bench tops and drawer-loaded rubbish bins were a common trend in 2014, says Tracey, who oversees the design of Generation Homes kitchen plans.

"We are also seeing a move towards inbuilt range hood cabinetry.”

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