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James Bond House For Sale

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If you've seen the latest Bond film, this house should look familiar to you


If you’re a James Bond fan you will most likely recognise this home from the latest film – Spectre.

This edgy contemporary residence was built by architect Imaad Rahmouni in 2006 and is now up for sale for a casual $4.3 million.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom property features a series of glass, concrete and metal geometric forms that create a charming indoor-outdoor flow.

Located in the countryside between Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains in Morroco, the two-storey residence boasts large bedrooms, a fitness room and modern kitchen.

The entire second level of the home is the master bedroom suite. Additionally there is a spacious pool and large self-contained guest house with three bedrooms and its own smaller pool.

It is probably a good thing that this residence isn’t collateral damage in 007’s daily escapades.

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