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Illuminati LED Kitchen Glass Panels

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Illuminati LED-lit glass panels offer a stand-out feature for any interior


Every kitchen needs a hero and a vibrant splashback makes an effective one – Illuminati backlit glass panels offer a spectacular range of design options.

Instant wow factor is one way to describe the myriad colourful glass panel splashbacks created by Auckland firm Illuminati. These eye-catching products are suitable for splashbacks, bathrooms, room dividers and shower stalls.

Illuminati offers printed and patterned glass, standard colour-backed glass and dramatic Illuminati high-end backlit glass panels with static or colour-changing LED lights. The LED lights are available in over 4000 colours.

Backlit panels extend the colour theme of a room in a vibrant way, offer adjustable mood lighting, or can be turned down to create an ambient night light.

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