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Hopetoun Residences is a great example of adaptive reuse – converting a commercial building to residential.

The greenest house is the one already built – a popular maxim that applies equally well to an entire building. And the adaptive reuse of a 1980s office tower to create Hopetoun Residences brought many advantages besides respect for the planet.

David Mahoney, chief executive officer at developer Tawera Group, says there were several advantages to reinventing the office tower as contemporary apartments rather than starting again.

"The in-ground costs of a new building can be prohibitive – if you do your homework right and choose a building with sound foundations and services, costs are brought down considerably.

"With Hopetoun, another advantage was aiming the apartments at owner-occupiers, over investors. Someone who intends to live in a unit rather than look for an optimum return cares more about the quality, space, views – everything Hopetoun offers."

Hopetoun offered a head start in these areas. It already had the great views, generous parking facilities and the large, open-plan spaces desired.

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David Mahoney
Project Director
+64 21 707 564


The hexagonal 1980s Chase Building office tower was ideal for the addition of decks as part of its transformation into the owner-occupied Hopetoun Residences.

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