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GIB Aqualine® - Bathrooms and Ensuites Protection

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For total protection and to maintain the ideal environment, the GIB Aqualine® Wet Area System, with its combination of design, heating, ventilation and purpose-designed materials, is the ideal solution.


Bathroom steam and moisture can damage the linings and framing of walls and ceilings. If the problem isn't fixed, it can become bad for your health and even more costly to repair.

More specifiers and builders use GIB Aqualine® in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens that any other linings. They know that its water resistant core containing special polymers to help prevent moisture penetration is the best insurance against future liability and expensive call-backs. What’s more, the performance of GIB Aqualine® is independently verified by BRANZ Appraisal.

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