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This generous seaside house by Bossley Architects is the latest in a series of houses Bossley has done based on the idea of “encampment”.


Bossley Architects description:

This generous seaside house is the latest in a series of houses Bossleys have done based on the idea of “encampment”.

The large footprint is divided into three separate buildings, creating an “open courtyard” which draws the space of the beach up the valley and into the overall composition of buildings.

The iconic elements of this project are the beautiful roofs, folded planes composed of triangular facets which float over the rooms below.

The ceilings are light coloured poplar plywood, creating soft shifts of light and space hovering over the rooms below. The modulation of the roofs reflects the rolling hills of the landscape around the valley.


  • NZ Institute of Architects Local Award 2015
  • NZ Institute of Architects Resene Colour Award 2015
  • Master Builders Auckland Region Gold Award 2014
  • Master Builders Outdoor Living Lifestyle Award 2014

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