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Learn how the revolutionary Feltonmix™ shower mixer became a Kiwi favourite.


In the 1960s, Kiwis needed a shower that didn't involve juggling the hot and cold taps. Shower mixers made overseas didn't work very well in New Zealand, as they weren't designed for our unequal pressure system where the hot water pressure is much lower than the cold water pressure.

Felton company founder Max Davies and inventor Keith Relf launched the revolutionary Feltonmix™ shower mixer as the solution in September 1969.

The mixer applied a scientific theory called the Venturi Principle to work on unequal pressures by using high-pressure cold water to pull through low-pressure hot water.

With its simple installation and ability to smoothly and accurately mix water at unequal pressures, the Feltonmix™ shower was an immediate success.

Today the team at Felton continue to develop award-winning shower mixers designed specifically to perform in NZ conditions. Kiwis carry on giving Felton two thumbs up as the nation's favourite shower, with more than 1.4 million shower installations so far.

That's one Felton shower mixer for about every 3 Kiwis!

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