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University dormitories are all about efficient use of space – but they can also offer a design statement in their own right as the iHouse Dormitory in Togane, Chiba Prefecture, Japan reflects. A louvered surface interspersed with projecting balconies masks exterior walkways that serve the facility’s dormitory rooms.

From the architect. As Japan copes with a declining population, universities are trying to attract an increasingly international student body for both long and short term stays. This dormitory and International Center for approximately 140 international students efficiently houses, educates, and integrates a population that is both culturally and economically diverse through a collection of shared public spaces and rooms that range from singles and doubles with private baths, to rooms sleeping four with shared bathing facilities.

Photography by Kawasami Kobayashi Photograph Office, Kudoh Photography Ltd.

More by the architects: http://www.studiosumo.com/


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