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An interactive wall display designed to ease stress and increase positivity


The company Hero Design have created a giant toy that is designed for people of all ages - but we all know the adults are the ones who will be utilising it most.

So meet Everbright. All you have to do is turn one of its 464 dials and you can get any colour of the rainbow on it. It was designed to purely be a creative tool that intends to reduce stress and increase productivity in the work place.

The designers have 8 reasons why the Everbright will benefit you and here they are.

1. Solve hard problems faster. Everbright refreshes hard-working brains. Unconscious minds are free to work through hard problems as hands tinker with this screen-free, device-free, interruption-free, tactile toy. It’s like a giant “refresh” button for the brain.

2. Embolden your team. Gratitude and trust don’t need to be spelled out literally. Give people a direct experience of it, every day. Never let your team forget how much you appreciate them.

3. Zero awkward happy hours. You don’t need beer to forge long-lasting connections. As five people stand, side by side, turning dials, they strike up a non-forced conversation. They make something awesome together. They become friends.4. Say “I Love You” to introverts. And extroverts, too. Anyone can find something to talk about when they’re dialing in their favorite colors, side by side.

5. Keep motivational speeches mercifully brief. No need for daily rally-the-troops speeches. Engagement is an inside job.

6. Make breaks productive. Create an environment where people naturally engage with each other, and where people feel refreshed and replenished every time they step away from their desks.

7. Engage right out of the box. Everbright uses all three of the scientifically-proven elements needed for engagement: Autonomy, relatedness, and competence.

8. Make your office art interactive. No need for try-hard motivational posters. Inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood toy the Lite-Brite, Everbright is 42x bigger. It’s creative, interactive, and effortlessly repeatable.

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