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Donald Trump's Manhattan Penthouse

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A Versailles-style, 3-storey penthouse with views of Central Park worth around $50 million


You may know Donald Trump from his reality show The Apprentice, or from his billion dollar company, or even for the fact he's currently running for President of the United States.Regardless of how you know him, what you may not know is how beautiful his home in New York City is.

Trump owns and lives on the top three floors of this gorgeous palace-like high rise penthouse in the Trump tower with breathtaking views of Central Park and Manhattan.

The Trump apartment, decorated in 24K gold and marble, was designed by Angelo Donghia in Louis XIV style.

The apartment is supposedly worth $50 Million, while Trump himself is worth about $2.7 billion. Don’t worry though– not all apartments in New York City are quite this expensive.

While this home is lovely, we expect Mr Trump is gearing up to move into a house with a bit more of a focus on the white.

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