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Designed for desert conditions

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This modern 2700-square-foot home is a unique addition to the neighbourhood which predominantly boasts Spanish style homes


Apache Residence

o2 Architect description:

This 2700 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath home is a unique infill among the neighbourhood of Spanish style homes.

The corner site had an existing enclosing wall and parkway landscaping which provided consistency among the existing homes.

The owners wanted a simple home that provided ample outdoor space to entertain friends and family and allow their children a range of active spaces. The clients were also seeking a finish material with a sense of warmth, such as the wood used extensively in their Pacific Northwest community.

However, due to the seasonally harsh desert environment, wood was not a sustainable option so we chose a high density laminate timber panel that would seamlessly contrast with the durable inorganic materials used elsewhere.

This material was used inside and out, including in the entry gate and trellis to gradually reveal the exterior living around a classic courtyard building type.

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