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Revolutionising the home build process is the Compass Home – made from solid concrete poured in situ, it's the first of its kind in New Zealand.


Compass Homes are transforming residential building in New Zealand. Scott Gordon and Kim Williamson, the owners of the new Compass Homes Rodney branch, recently celebrated the completion of their revolutionary show home in Huapai. The house, made from solid concrete poured in situ, is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

In the current housing market, building is a great way forward. It requires a lower deposit with less lending restrictions, and makes first-home buyers eligible for higher KiwiSaver HomeStart grants and withdrawals. However, many are put off by the costs of temporary accommodation and funding a lengthy building process.

Compass Homes have eliminated this problem by dramatically reducing construction time. It is often possible to move into your new concrete home just 12 weeks after construction begins. “It’s a 10-day process from when the foundations are created to the concrete house being totally formed with the insulation around the outside complete with no joins” says Garry Shuttleworth, Director of Compass Homes.

The secret is in the innovative build process and metal building ‘forms’ unique to Compass Homes, that allows all of the internal and external walls to be poured on site (in situ) in one solid piece. By building with concrete, Compass Homes can provide you with a home that keeps your family safer and healthier. Concrete homes are naturally strong, fire-resistant, and waterproof, making them less susceptible to damage from earthquakes, fires, and floods. They contain no organic material so they don’t support the growth of mould, or mildew, making them great for those suffering from allergies.

“The thermal mass of concrete is far more efficient than conventional wooden homes; you get warmer, drier housing that is much more sustainable”.

Concrete takes time to heat up and cool down, and so smooths out swings in internal temperature. A concrete Compass Home will warm up during the day, and continue to release this warmth overnight, keeping the home cosy while you sleep. This reduces the energy (and the expense) required to heat and cool your home. Thermal inertia of concrete balances the temperature of the home. A wooden home has a temperature range of 20–30°C, while a concrete homes typically maintain an even 21–26°C.

Concrete homes also require minimal maintenance, will last 200–300 years, and are made using natural resources found locally, reducing construction’s carbon footprint. By building with concrete, you can lower the cost for yourself and the environment.

People have traditionally aspired to architecturally designed, concrete homes that come with a hefty price tag. Thanks to Compass Homes, coming home to the incredible benefits of concrete is something more Kiwis can now enjoy at an affordable price.

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