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The Canyon Residence by MGS Architecture enhances the health and happiness of the family living there.


The program for this canyon residence strives to offer a home which enhances the health and happiness of the family living there.

The house can be seen as both an elegant living space and an informal everyday home for the family.

The couple and their children enjoy a sophisticated and athletic lifestyle. The floor plan, both inside and out, is centered on common areas which proceed one from another. Kitchen, dining, and living rooms anchor the inside of the house; while pool, deck, an open grill and wood oven anchor the exterior.

Canyon views surround the property and support an overall feeling of tranquility rooted in communion with the natural landscape.

The home includes many green features, such as solar paneling and sustainably harvested timber, but beyond this, the project aims for a physical lastingness or purposeful permanence.

Sustainability is merely a slogan if the building itself has no long-term future. This residence in its functionality and aesthetics intends to last. But the core of the project always was, and continues to be, the well being of the family.

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