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Admun Designs and Construction Studio create this geometrically pleasing building in Tehran.


Admun design & construction studio have collaborated together to create a building that evokes simple but compelling design.

Due to inmmense population growth in Tehran, housing demands are swelling along with the price and availability of land.

This means more thought has to go into the construction of buildings’ vertical growth while maintaining a key characetristic of Iranian residential architecture: Its inhabitant’s privacy.

To achieve maximum privacy while maintaining other inherant comforts of apartment living, the architects of this building decided to create grids of openings in its façade: Brick being the best material for this choice.

The use of brick was able to not only reflect the urban fabric of the surrounding neighbourhood but also create aesthetically beautiful textures as well.

Rotating the bricks created openings that plays with the dialogue between inside and outside. It takes into consideration things such as sun direction, daylight and a level of distraction from other apartments.

The interior and exterior of this building is constantly alive. The veneer’s colorful texture changes during the day representing different qualities of light and shadow as the inner spaces experience the same.

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