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This family holiday home by Warren and Mahoney is located on an elevated site overlooking Lake Wanaka


This family holiday home is located on an elevated site within Bremner Bay and overlooks Lake Wanaka and Mt Alta beyond. Arranged as five gabled pavilions, the house is connected by generous corridor spaces which encapsulate the vista beyond and nestles around a central hidden courtyard.

The expanse of pavilions and articulated design creates a series of courts or outdoor spaces. These provide a retreat from the unpredictable lake weather patterns. The ‘living pavilion’ end gables are fully glazed to ensure the mountain and lake vistas are maintained at all times.

The design response is a strong composition of cedar clad buildings and materiality appropriate to the mountainous surroundings, far removed from the client’s urban lifestyle. The main living pavilion is constructed with exposed recycled bridge timber in the form of scissor trusses, posts and beams, and oak lining. Dark stain to the entirety of the room further defines and focuses the views beyond.

Whilst large in programme, the house is intended to be a sequence of experiences. The entrance is deliberately restrained to embrace the architectural form and materials. On entrance, the internal courtyard defines the journey and legibility of connecting spaces. The guest pavilion is located foremost, to ensure privacy to the remaining residence.

The broken and articulated forms integrate with the surrounding environment and ensure they do not dominate or impede neighbouring properties from the same majestic scenery.

Completed in 2014, the Bremner Home has won 2015 NZIA Southern Architecture Housing Award as well as the NZIA Southern Architecture Colour Award

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